Redpill VR is a platform for the creation and distribution of immersive digital worlds that will grant access to millions of users to live music events happening around the world from the comfort of their own home. We virtualize social music experiences by taking a physical performance and replicating the performer as a photorealistic digital Avatar performing live in a 3 dimensional fully immersive virtual venue.

By replicating the performer, the DJ, the artist or the singer as an avatar along with the gear, we virtualize the entire performance and experience from top to bottom providing infinite audience scalability beyond the four walls of a traditional venue.

Avatar Creation
Take The Redpill & Virtually Perform Forever

We are specialists in creating AAA virtual characters and performers at the highest level of photo realism for a truly compelling experience.

  • CG Model Creation
  • Premium Quality Full Body Scan
  • Live Motion Capture
  • Performance Capture
  • Real Time Avatar Animation
  • Virtualization of the Artist
  • Digital World Integration

Soundscape Sessions Founding Member Avatars

Isaiah Martin

An accomplished luminary in the electronic music world, currently a resident DJ of Sound in Los Angeles with over a thousand performances in some of the most notable clubs and events all over the world. Isaiah was also an early resident DJ for MTV in the music years for all the big awards shows, Heineken’s resident during the first 9 years of Coachella in addition to GRAMMY gigs. Co-programmer and launch artist for the first 3 years of EVOLUTION on IHEARTRADIO.



Meet Celeste. Our first female humanoid virtual performer created by Redpill VR. She is the Alpha. A complete artistic creation of android dreams.  Keep an eye out for her best friend Lucy as they journey thru the electric forest.


Meet Lucy. A humanoid virtual DJ performer created by Redpill VR. She is our first virtual DJ to play in our electric forest. She is the party starter and the finisher. Being a humanoid has superior advantages over a real life DJ and that is she never gets tired. Just hit play and she will play forever.


Venice is a cross platform, real time music deconstruction and analysis engine. Its main functionality is extracting a number of data features from music and exposing these features at a rate of ~90 times per second. These features can be used to drive visual content in real time in Unreal Engine 4. 8 channels plus metadata for each are currently supported and synchronized and allow to make music visual, spatial, interactive and social.

Based on years of R&D, Redpill has been granted 3 patents on its deep learning source separation process and on the use of source separation for music visualization. Venice is the only realtime source separation and visualization pipeline available today.

Venice Rendering Features

  • Binaural synthesis: believable sense of 3D audio position on stereo headphones
  • Distance modeling: live direct/reflected balance and bandpass filtering
  • Source directivity:  dynamic filtering and convolution based on source orientation (speaker cabinet off axis IRs, person turning their back etc…)
  • Interactive convolution reverb engine adaptive to world geometry
  • Ray casting based acoustic real time occlusion and diffraction
  • Music beat aware rendering (delays, IR lengths, reverb predelays all quantized to current music tempo and time signature)
  • High dynamic range support with compression and limiting

Our Patented Technology

Virtual Music Experience

The present invention relates to real-time computing platforms for the creation of virtual music experiences and more specifically, to computing platforms that enable the real-time visualization, manipulation, interaction, and creation of music within computer generated virtual environments.

Real-Time Adaptive Audio Source Separation

The present application relates to digital signal processing. More specifically, the example embodiment(s) of the present invention described below relate to real-time audio source separation.

Real-Time Audio Source Separation Using Deep Neural Networks

The present application relates to digital signal processing. More specifically, the example embodiment(s) of the present invention described below relate to real-time audio source separation.