Discover the Resources Waiting for You as a Redpill Creator!
Redpill Creator resources include our fully automated build and deployment system and our custom Unreal Editor for Redpill (UERP) connected to our effortless back-end management system.

The Redpill Platform is dedicated for the creation, distribution, monetization and cloud rendering of live, high fidelity virtual experiences. Our event driven platform can run 24/7 or selected times for global sales optimization.

As a creator you can:

  • Publish your Virtual Venue
  • Perform live and also replay pre-recorded content
  • Monetize your global community
  • Analyze telemetry data
  • Set up teams for collaborative work
  • Manage your project with our perforce source control
  • Build live, networked, fully interactive environments without being a programmer.
  • And more!

So what are you waiting for? Make your AAA projects fully interactive and bring your virtual environments to life today!

RedpillVR is a technology company building an end-to-end platform based on Unreal Engine 5.2 and 5.3 for creating, distributing, and monetizing next-generation live virtual interactive performances. Artists and event producers are able to reach a global audience from any stage, studio, or the comfort of their own home.

A live event in a Redpill virtual world is a spectacle filled with stunning computer generated environments, accurate spatial music and VOIP, stylistic or photo-real gorgeous avatars which the fans or the performers can puppeteer organically, rich interactions, DMX controlled light shows, audio lifeforms reacting to live music accompanied by live video feeds from the real world or a VJ. With Redpill sensor fusion and marker-less tracking for DJs to optically tracked multi-performers for acrobats and dancers, physical performances will migrate to the virtual world.

Fans are finally able to enjoy their favorite shows and artists, live, with their friends from across the globe. They can jump in as an avatar via PC VR or desktop gaming and soon phones, and Quest 2 using cloud rendering or users can watch a live on cinematic streams broadcasted in 2D to any device.