Just Announced!

The Redpill Creator Program

Discover the Resources Waiting for You as a Redpill Creator!
Redpill Creator resources include our fully automated build and deployment system and our custom Unreal Editor for Redpill (UERP) connected to our effortless back-end management system.

The Redpill Platform is dedicated for the creation, distribution, monetization and cloud rendering of live, high fidelity virtual experiences. Our event driven platform can run 24/7 or selected times for global sales optimization.

Join Us! Early Access Is Open

We are super excited to share our updated early access events in Aurora, Redpill’s ZeroG Forest. Our upcoming testing events will be focusing primarily on core components, avatar permutations, network multiplayer stability, VOIP & communication optimization, spatial audio systems and streaming capabilities. This will help us optimize our Redpill back-end core technology and streamline user mechanics to get insight.

WOW! The visuals. The people dancing. I really feel like I’m at a live event.
Erick Morillo (International DJ)
This was more real than the actual real world!
Matthew Hoag (Elrow)
With this development and technology it gives us the ability to re-create the worlds and bring it to people at home.
Rosanne Janmaat (ID&T)
WOW!!! It’s so good! I went up to different people to interact and dance with them and then I found myself dancing in the VR.
Crystal Rose Pierce (Sense.chat)

Our Mission

Redpill VR is the live music performance platform for unlimited scalability by removing the limitations of time, distance and capacity.

Our Vision is to empower every artist, venue and music lover with the ability to create and distribute social music experiences in the high fidelity metaverse.

Avatar Creation

Take The Redpill. Virtually Perform Forever.

Virtualization Technology

By replicating the performer, the DJ, the artist or the singer as an avatar along with the gear, we virtualize the entire performance and experience from top to bottom providing infinite audience scalability beyond the four walls of a traditional venue.

Our Build & Core Values

Live Events, Broadcasts & Playback
• Multiplayer Engine up to 64 players
• Audio Streaming
• Video Streaming
• Events Playback
• Available in VR, 2D, 3D
Music and Performances
• Real Time Sound Analysis (Venice)
• High Fidelity Performer Avatars
• DJ Tracking Virtual VJ System
• Audio-Reactive Environment
Online Social Experience
• Social Game Mechanics
• Player Representation / Avatars
• Friends, Performers and Followers
• Voice Chat Achievements
Friendly to develop on
• Content SDK
• Marketplace

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