Redpill VR has a global view and its product can be experience on any device, anytime, anywhere in the world. As such, Redpill has global users, global performers, global strategic partners and global investors. We are currently building an Unreal 4 VR development team for our Los Angeles studio.

Built by founders for founders, BITKRAFT is the leading global investment platform for gaming, esports, and interactive media. We partner early—sometimes, when a company is no more than an idea fueled by creative spirit and resolute talent.

Avex is committed to building the future of music together with cutting-edge startups. By integrating innovative ideas and new technologies, we will produce music experiences that are more creative, exciting, efficient, and can further contribute to society.

Using mobile’s location services (GPS), COLOPL develops and operates gaming platforms which specialize in location-based mobile games.  With the unique aspect of location-based gaming, COLOPL develops business partnerships with local specialty stores, trains, accommodations, and department stores. 

Native Instruments is the backbeat to the music industry. As the leaders in digital music creation and performance, we’re right there on stage and in the studio with global stars and legends in the making. Driven by our mission to make music creation more inclusive and accessible, our hardware, software and digital services provide innovative, fully-integrated solutions for hobbyists, amateurs and professionals of all styles and genres

Hartman Capital has been studying, building, investing in, and trading digital assets long before most of today’s digital assets ever existed. With our unmatched expertise as one of the first 100 Digital Assets Hedge Funds in the world, we seek to produce superior market beating returns from investment in crypto assets and Distributed Ledger Technology opportunities.

Industry Partners

Redpill is proud to be working along side the best of the best in the industry. Each one of these companies are pioneers and leaders in the evolution of technology.

Pioneer DJ Americas, Inc. is the North and South American headquarters of Pioneer DJ and Pioneer Pro Audio. Our whole purpose is to understand and predict the future needs of DJs, clubs and the dance music community, and deliver products and services that enable, excite and provide total enjoyment. As an ‘entertainment creation company’, our wish is to provide many moments of great pleasure and exhilaration to all people who enjoy dance music.

Focused on the pursuit of absolute audio quality, Funktion One is an independent English inventor and manufacturer of professional loudspeaker systems.

Our innovative and efficient designs deliver clear, involving sound without the harshness often associated with more conventional approaches. The combination of our creative vision and technical understanding gives rise to products with exceptional transient capability, sonic purity and realism.

V-Nova, a London based IP and software company, is dedicated to improving data compression by building a vast portfolio of innovative technologies based on the game-changing use of AI and parallel processing for data, video, imaging, point cloud compression, with applications across several verticals.

Dolby.io Real-time Streaming solutions. A WebRTC-based real-time streaming service that enables sub-second latency, broadcast-quality color and sound, global scale, and end-to-end encryption — all with native support for web browsers and Internet-enabled devices.

SUBPAC is a patented tactile audio platform that combines hardware, software and advanced materials to deliver deeply immersive and nuanced bass with far more resolution and range than traditional speakers and headphones. It provides a deeper, more intense connection with your music. Your body resonates with the music, as if you were in the prime location: live at a festival, a concert, club or theater.