Welcome to the Metaverse by Luke Franks

This is the Virtual Reality Inflection Moment we have Been Waiting For w. Redpill VR Founder & CEO – Laurent Scallie

Finally the major virtual reality inflection moment is here, solving one of the biggest pain points of getting VR to the masses. On this episode of the Welcome to the Metaverse podcast, we talk about the journey VR has been on and why we’re about to take a giant leap towards the Ready Player One style future. The clue comes in the form of ‘cloud rendering’, which we explain simply on this show. Our guest is Laurent Scallie, who is the founder and CEO of Redpill VR and someone who has been building in the VR space for 30 years. He was instrumental in introducing, developing and fielding military simulation systems to the U.S. and Canadian Army and was also a key catalyst behind the origins of Oculus VR too. Redpill VR are a virtual reality platform that are creating ground-breaking interactive social experiences, focussed around music and live events. They genuinely are unreal, they just had Paul Oakenfold do one. If you picture the most incredible, out of this world immersive virtual festival, you are on the right lines. This was a massively valuable chat and you’ll leave fully understanding what is coming next. Thank you Laurent for coming on the show.