It is time to take the Redpill
We are super excited to share our updated early access to our Beta Testing events in Aurora, Redpill’s ZeroG Forest. Our upcoming testing events will be focusing primarily on core components, avatar permutations, network multiplayer stability, VOIP & communication optimization, spatial audio systems and streaming capabilities. This will help us optimize our Redpill back-end core technology and streamline user mechanics to get insight before Redpill goes live in 2022.

If you do not have a VR headset but you have met our GPU and CPU requirements you can still participate as a desktop player! All you need is headphones and a microphone to join the party!

Minimum Tech Requirements to participate in VR or Desktop:
PC win 10 – Fast CPU i7 3gz or better – GPU 2080ti or newer
Oculus Rift, Rift S, Quest1+Cable, Quest 2+Cable or Airlink, HTC Vive, Valve Index

The planet Aurora, named so by its discoverer and phenomenal intergalactic DJ Celeste, is a mystical planet in a vast solar system lightyears ahead of our time. Aurora is about 2.5 times bigger than Earth and its gravity is about 0.5 times that of Earth. The ZeroG Forest of Aurora is a direct connection to the music. Sound is by far the most preferred way to attract expression and it can lead to some of the most spectacular natural connections. Interacting with the world through the frequency and vibration of sound. The forest has the capability to connect everyone on one planet to another through the power of virtual social music connections. The roots of the forest are capable of initiating a neural link with the sound and be deconstructed in real time to visualize the stems of the music.

This world is certainly intriguing. With an optimistic sense of curiosity and a healthy dose of good vibes, prepare to be blown away with mind bending visuals. Hidden high atop a mountain range among a layer of mystical clouds with Aurora Borealis visible above, you move forward through the alluring portal into this sacred community. You’re immediately met by a captivating energy with pulsing music heard in the distance. The light plays tricks on your eyes as shadows from a new landscape make your imagination run wild. The landscape is astonishing and a childish curiosity takes over your mind. Off to the sides you see ridges, crystal caves, gigantic mushrooms, massive trees to climb and mini worlds to explore. The land is alive, literally. The music drives the entire energy of this intertwined magical forest. In the far-off distance you hear joyeus laughing, voices and sounds of creatures nobody could’ve ever imagined.

The plant-like organisms on this planet are exclusively different types of flowers. They come in all shapes and sizes, some are small and single stemmed, like you’d expect to find on Earth. But others are more like iridescent pedals, unreal rock formations, twisted trees with a good amount of fungi and grass. The iridescent shrubs are the dominant organism on this planet as they grow fast and wide, with many different shapes, sizes and colors. All connected and pulsing to the music.

While the surface may have gorgeous forests of amazing organisms, the micro worlds also have its fair share of awesomeness. Simply swipe your hand through a translucent blue orb and teleport to worlds inside of worlds, spawn butterflies, grow wings to fly around or scale up and down to be the size of a blade of grass.

Choice is an illusion. You already know what you have to do…