On Friday, November 4th join us as legendary Paul Oakenfold and guests continue his residency series in Aurora!

Paul Oakenfold is the UK’s number one DJ. This simple statement, however, doesn’t even begin to properly acknowledge Oakenfold’s stellar contribution to our musical landscape. His signature can be seen in everything from the early rise of hip-hop and the re-invention of British dance culture to the Balearic explosion and the birth of ‘Madchester’.

Beau Sebastian: 6pm – 7pm PST
Special Guests: 8pm – Close PST

Redpill will allow you to experience physical performance stages beyond the limits of our physical boundaries. You’re invited to take advantage of the state-of-the-art VR headsets to attend virtual venue Aurora as an Avatar where you’ll move as you would with your own body and meet people in this new social media clubbing format.

What is Redpill:
The Redpill platform is more than just a virtual world. The Redpill content creation and distribution platform sets their partnership with Paul Oakenfold apart from all other distribution outlets designed as a single destination to easily share source content to all traditional broadcast, streaming and VOD distribution channels. The primary stage, or VR stage, is the immersive 3D experience while 2D media is distributed in real time, across all mediums including TVs, tablets and mobile devices.

How it works:
Redpill virtualizes the artist by replicating the performer as a photorealistic 3 dimensional digital Avatar performing live in a fully immersive virtual venue. The Avatar and live performer are in “Artist Sync”- a real time synchronization running on Redpill technology. Performance and venue virtualization provide infinite audience attendance beyond the four walls of a traditional venue.

Fans can attend any concert and participate from anywhere at any time. The enhanced Paul Oakenfold experience for ticket holders opens an immersive experience at their fingertips. Fans and artists will build new innovative ways to connect and interact with each other allowing users to talk and interact with friends from across the globe while live at any Redpill powered events.