The biggest VR esports event of the year!
Teams from across the globe have battled it out all summer for a chance to get flown out to the Miami VAIL Major. The final 4 teams will compete LIVE at Superblue for a grand prize of $35,000 and everlasting glory as the champion of the Miami VAIL Major LAN Finals! Along with the tournament finale, Superblue offers an impressive lineup of interactive digital art experiences created by some of the world’s leading artists.

Whether you’re an aspiring pro, casual player, or new to the space – come join us for a full day event featuring fun activations, live performances, and intense competition amongst the world’s best players. Don’t miss your shot at being part of esports history!

VAIL VR is a new competitive virtual reality experience attracting top talent in the esports space. VAIL is in open beta and has already seen critical acclaim and has been nominated for Game of the Year 2022

Aurora by Redpill VR
The planet Aurora, named so by its discoverer and phenomenal intergalactic DJ Celeste, is a mystical planet in a vast solar system lightyears ahead of our time.. The ZeroG Forest of Aurora is a direct connection to the music. Sound is by far the most preferred way to attract expression and it can lead to some of the most spectacular natural connections. Interacting with the world through the frequency and vibration of sound. The forest has the capability to connect everyone on one planet to another through the power of virtual social music connections. The roots of the forest are capable of initiating a neural link with the sound and be deconstructed in real time to visualize the stems of the music.

This world is certainly intriguing. With an optimistic sense of curiosity and a healthy dose of good vibes, prepare to be blown away with mind bending visuals. Hidden high atop a mountain range among a layer of mystical clouds with Aurora Borealis visible above, you move forward through the alluring portal into this sacred community. You’re immediately met by a captivating energy with pulsing music heard in the distance. The light plays tricks on your eyes as shadows from a new landscape make your imagination run wild. The landscape is astonishing and a childish curiosity takes over your mind. Off to the sides you see ridges, crystal caves, gigantic mushrooms, massive trees to climb and mini worlds to explore. The land is alive, literally. The music drives the entire energy of this intertwined magical forest. In the far-off distance you hear joyous laughing, voices and sounds of creatures nobody could’ve ever imagined.

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