As a Technical Artist, you will blend the worlds of art, and engineering together to create compelling visuals while maintaining high frame rates. Evaluate new technologies to build out the art pipeline layer by layer. Ensure assets are optimized and performant. Collaborate with the team to deliver the vision communicated by the Art Director, while working in tandem with the Technical Art Director. Challenge the possibilities to achieve the highest possible visual quality.

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  • Los Angeles



  • Full-time



  • Senior Level



  • Evaluate new technologies, tools, and techniques
  • Create requested art assets
  • Prototype features
  • Develop art pipeline
  • Optimize art assets
  • Collaborate with Technical Art Director



  • 4 years of experience as a Technical Artist or similar role
  • 2 years of development experience in UE4
  • Expertise in Maya, 3DMax, Zbrush, Substance Painter, and Photoshop
  • Strong understanding of game development processes and limitations
  • Proficient in optimizing art assets
  • Ability to write blueprints in UE4
  • Familiar with current art techniques and work pipelines
  • Expert knowledge of at least one (more is better): animation, 3D modeling, rigging, particle effects, UI,etc.
  • Great interpersonal, oral, and written skills
  • Adaptable to evolving corporate culture